Stability and Security in the Region
The African Union must focus on peace, stability and peace again

Dimeji Bankole, former member of the African Parliament, reflects on the recent meeting of the African Union in Kigali and examines the Union’s future priorities. While our European neighbors seemed fixed on disbanding their Union, and with Brexit still dominating conversations in Europe, it was encouraging to see Morocco seeking a route back into the […]

The PDP after the Non-Convention: Negotiate, Reconcile and Get to Work

Following the postponement of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Convention, Dimeji Bankole calls for the party to stop the in-fighting and prioritise action. The recent attempts to hold a PDP Convention has been widely regarded in Nigeria as something of a joke. For those unfamiliar with the intricacies of Nigerian politics, I’ll recap. The PDP […]

An Olympic Games in Africa? There’s a way to go yet.

As the dust settles on the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Dimeji Bankole considers if, how and when we will see a host country from Africa. Just about everyone I know enjoys watching the Olympics. It’s the excitement. The passion. And the drama, often defined by moments of triumph, or tragedy, for all of those who […]

Brexit is a challenge but also an opportunity for Nigeria

The #Brexit referendum result could spur new life in the Commonwealth to the benefit of Nigeria and its citizens, says Dimeji Bankole. This wasn’t supposed to happen, was it? British Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision to hold a referendum should have put to bed the issue of UK membership of the EU – once and […]

A New Governance Revolution
A Year in Review: Foreign versus home-grown policy solutions

Dimeji Bankole assesses President Buhari’s first year as President, arguing that the answers to Nigeria’s woes lie closer to home. They say a week is a long time in politics – in that case a year must feel like an eternity. The 1st of April 2016 marked the one year anniversary of President Buhari’s electoral triumph […]

The Economy
Budget 2016: Assent last week is no victory for Nigeria

Dimeji Bankole, former Speaker of the House of Representatives of Nigeria, contemplates the implications of long delays during the passing of the 2016 Budget. In my last piece on the economy, I labelled the 2016 Nigerian Budget a ‘nasty surprise’ for Nigeria. Public suggestions that this was a ‘Budget of Change’ were undermined by a series of events […]

A New Governance Revolution
Nigeria needs wholesale change in governance culture

Dimeji Bankole discusses the importance of building a political legacy, not a political dynasty. Despite its status as an African powerhouse, Nigeria remains a long way from providing for all of its citizens. Socioeconomic development dramatically fails to reflect the nation’s size, its resources and regional clout. The lack of complexity in our economy has […]

The Economy
Outrageous shenanigans in our budget put our country to shame and our economy at risk

Dimeji Bankole, former Speaker of the House of Representatives of Nigeria, looks at what we can learn from the 2016 Budget process. The proof of the pudding is always in the eating, they say. And so it is. Sadly, the kinds of pudding governments tend to serve rarely taste as advertised. And sometimes they even […]

Stability and Security in the Region
Declaring victory now over Boko Haram is dangerous and wrong

Dimeji Bankole discusses why Boko Haram remains a threat and why regional as well as international cooperation is vital to defeat extremism. He also pleads for a campaign to win the hearts and minds of Nigerians. 2015 saw a spate of terrorist attacks in Paris, Sinai, Tunisia, Beirut and many other places in the world, […]

Africa Needs Hands-On Approach to Combat Tax Fraud and Avoidance

I was delighted to meet with a range of experts in the field of tax and governance during a trip to London at the end of 2015. This has been a hot topic in Africa for a long time, and I agree with those who say the recent interest shown in this topic has been […]